Train Accidents


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A train accident can be a devastating incident resulting in serious injury or death to the victims involved. Whether it is a derailment, a train-vehicle collision, a railroad crossing accident, an accident involving hazardous materials or any other type of railroad accident, serious harm may occur. Where negligence on the part of railroad employees, the train company or a governmental agency, or equipment manufacturers has been the cause of such an accident, they may be held liable for damages connected with resulting injuries or deaths.

What makes an accident a railroad accident?

Railroad accidents are not limited to trains striking other trains.

Trains that strike people or motor vehicles at crossings, derailments that injure pedestrians or workers, or any accident that involves a train or railroad equipment and results in damage may be actionable.

Any kind of train can be involved in a train accident including passenger trains, subways or other urban trains, freight trains, etc.

Who is liable? What damages can I collect?

Depending on the facts, the railroad, its crew, or other parties may be liable for the negligence in causing injury to others. Railroad cases are extremely specialized and particular. It is important to have a knowledgeable attorney in your corner.

If you’ve been injured or endured the loss of a family member because of a train accident, contact us to see if we may be able to help you.