Construction Accidents

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Construction sites can pose some of the greatest dangers to the health and safety of workers, pedestrians, and the public. Many contractors do not take proper precautions or follow well-established construction and industry safety rules and regulations. And, as expected, they not only run afoul of state and federal laws, but they also put workers and the public at risk for catastrophic injury or death.

Don’t Let Anyone Bully You Out Of What’s Rightfully Yours

When accidents happen on a construction site, employers and/or contractors can attempt to intimidate you into not reporting it. Workers who try to assert their rights under the law can be harassed or threatened with termination if they report an accident or injury.

Additionally, the insurance companies involved will often deny any paying for medical care, lost wages or pain and suffering. The insurance companies may try to get you to admit that the accident was your fault or that you did something wrong. Before talking with any insurance company representative, contact our office so you can understand and protect your rights.

When contractors/employers are negligent, serious construction site accidents that cause permanent injury or death can occur, including: