Serious Injuries

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Catastrophic and serious injuries that are caused by the negligence of someone else can prevent you or a family member from living the life you have dreamed about up until now. In one day, your life was changed forever because of someone else’s negligent or indifferent behavior. A serious injury affects you and everyone around you. At Cervantes Scherr Legate we have attorneys who can help you.

You may be entitled to receive compensation when there has been catastrophic or serious injuries

Examples of serious injuries or catastrophic injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence include but are not limited to the following:

Loss of a limb or amputation due to a traumatic accident

Often, amputees have ongoing medical problems and experience serious side effects such as pain and tenderness at the site, wounds that fail to heal, infections, stiffness and Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome.

Broken bones and fractures

Bones can break in a few different ways and may not always heal perfectly. Compound fractures, those that puncture the skin, are quite difficult to treat. Either type of bone injury can cause serious permanent problems and long-term pain.

Burns and scarring from burns

Burn injuries are some of the most painful and longest lasting injuries. Explosions, chemicals or fires all can cause serious, irreparable injuries internally and externally.

Neck, back or spine injuries

These types of injuries are some of the most common that result from auto accidents or falls. They can be soft-tissue injuries that affect the muscles and ligaments. In addition, there can be pain in the spine may be due to a ruptured, bulging or herniated disc between the vertebrae that pinches a nerve.

Spinal cord injuries

If you are unable to move parts of your body or lose function or feeling in a limb, foot or hand, it is likely due to a spinal cord injury. Spinal cord injuries are extremely serious and usually permanent.

Lung and pulmonary injuries from chemical exposure or inhalation

You many not notice symptoms of a chemical exposure illness for months or even years after your initial exposure. However, years of working in factories using chemicals, or inhaling coal dust or asbestos have caused cancer and other serious illness in workers.

This is the result of sudden physical damage to the brain. For example, this can happen when your head forcefully hits a metal post or a sharp object pierces the brain. Most traumatic brain injuries, but not all, happen in car accidents or sports injuries and are noticeable almost immediately.

This is a claim by family members if someone is killed because of another person’s conduct. Survivors can be entitled to compensation for the loss of benefits that the deceased provided, including income, insurance and loss of companionship.